PSA Day!

Photo Oct 22, 2 04 34 PMCheck out this behind the scenes photo of PSA Day! We wanted to thank The Hingham Downtown Association and Wellspring, in Hull, for coming to HCAM and participating in the event.

If you would like to be involved in our next PSA day, make sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for news and updates.

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Save The Date

10469375_596010067175936_5951097881504441474_nDo you volunteer or work for a non-profit organization? Are you looking to spread the word about your organization to the Hingham Community? Then come make a PSA at HCAM-TV!

We will be holding our semi-annual PSA Day on Wednesday, October 22nd. This is an opportunity for you to create a 60 second promotional video to air on our public access channel. During an hour time slot at HCAM-TV, we will assist you with writing your script, shooting your video, and editing your completed video.

To register for this event, or if you would like more information, please contact us at or at (781) 836-5094. We look forward to working with you!

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Come and join us at Memberfest 10.29.14!


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Reefer Madness is the our Classic Movie pick for tonight!

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 11.17.37 AMIt’s time to reveal our Classic Movie Friday Nights In pick. *Drum roll please…* Tonight’s pick is the 1936 cautionary tale, Reefer Madness!”This film features a fictionalized and highly exaggerated take on the use of marijuana with a trio of drug dealers who lead innocent teenagers to become addicted to “reefer” cigarettes by holding wild parties with jazz music.” This film stars Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig and Lillian Miles.

Check it out tonight at 8pm on our public channels (Comcast 97, Verizon 31)

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The September Member In Action Is…

Congratulations to our September Member in Action, Fred Hixon! In addition to being one of the videographers and editors for the HCAM show “Point and Shoot” Fred is also the the producer of a new show entitled “Cooking With Love”.  HCAM Membership & Outreach Coordinator Christina Aiello had a chance to chat with Fred and ask him about his experience with HCAM-TV thus far.

Fred has been a member of HCAM since May, he calls himself a bit of a newbie to video production. He decided to become a member after HCAM Executive Director, Eric Dresser, gave him a tour of our facilities. He noticed our Programming Coordinator, James, working with our green screen and he became inspired to get involved.

When asked what he enjoys most about being an HCAM member, Fred said, “The support from the HCAM staff. They truly believe in the mission to ‘inspire, empower and share community through media’.  In May, I knew very little about video. Now in September I am a videographer/editor on one show and working as a create/producer on another show. I could have never accomplished that without the support of the HCAM staff.”

As mentioned above, Fred’s new show “Cooking with Love” follows host Linda Varraso, the show for HCAM. Owner and Executive Chef of Peppercornz.

Congratulations again Fred for being selected as September’s HCAM Member in Action.  Make sure you check back to our website for more information on Fred’s shows and other programming news.

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Tonight’s classic movie is…

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.08.48 AM

Happy Friday! Are you ready to find out what movie we’ll be airing tonight for Classic Movie Friday Nights In? Tonight at 8:00pm on our public channels (Comcast 97, Verizon 31) don’t miss “The Little Princess” (1939) starring Shirley Temple, Richard Greene, Anita Louise, Ian Hunter and Arthur Treacher.

This classic movie tells the story of a little girl, Sara, who is left by her father in an exclusive seminary for girls, due to him having to go to Africa with the army. When Sara’s father is thought be missing and ultimately dead, Sara becomes a servant, now working at the school she used to attend. However, Sara refuses to believe her father is really dead and fights to regain her freedom.

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Technology In the Hingham Public Schools

Today superintendent of the Hingham Public Schools, Dorothy Galo, was in studio to film the pilot episode of her new show “Superintendent Spotlight.” This episode focused on the new technologies that are currently being used throughout the Hingham Public school system. Dr. Galo sat down and spoke with a few members of the elementary administration including East School Principal, Tony Keady and Plymouth River Elementary School Technology Teacher, Tina Wehner. The trio discussed the many ways that technology facilitates learning for young children.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 5.08.37 PMDr. Galo also sat down with Tim Ciolkosz, the Hingham Middle School 6th Grade Math and Science Teacher who introduced us to the new 3D printer being used in the STEM program which includes the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Take a look at the collage on the left hand side to see how this amazing piece of technology works and what it can create. Isn’t technology amazing?




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Classic Movie Friday Nights In!

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.36.06 PMIt’s time to reveal the next movie we’re airing tonight for “Classic Movie Friday Night In!” Tune in tonight at 8:00pm on our public channels (Comcast 97, Verizon 31) for the “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” starring Lon Chaney, Patsy Ruth Miller, Norman Kerry, Nigel de Brulier, and Brandon Hurst. This classical hit was released in 1923! This film takes place in fifteenth century Paris. The brother of the archdeacon plots with the gypsy king to foment a peasant revolt. Meanwhile, a deformed bell-ringer falls in love with the gypsy queen.

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Hingham High School Athletic Field Grand Opening and Homecoming

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.34.57 PMCome out for the HHS Athletic Field Grand Opening and Homecoming tomorrow. The day will kick off with the Girls Field Hockey game at 9:00am. There will also be a POW/MIA Chair Dedication Ceremony at 12:30pm. HCAM-TV will have a table set up right outside of the field. We would love it if you stopped by and said hello!

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HCAM Fall Orientation/Info Session in 1 week!

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 3.50.59 PMHave you gotten your free ticket to our Fall Orientation/Info Session? Next Monday night, September 22nd, come and hang out at our studio and learn more about what we do here at HCAM-TV. The event begins at 6:30pm and yummy snacks will be provided. We have plenty of tickets left so please go and reserve yours now!

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